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We’ll be regularly sitting down with our team of skilled Business Advisers, picking their brains and sharing their knowledge with you right here on the blog. Our Business Advisers have helped thousands of women get started into the world of enterprise. From bakeries to bookkeeping, from hairdressers to handywomen – Businesses are their bag…So they’ve got a lot of advice to share with you!

Next up in The Advice Corner, we hear from Business Adviser; Yan Miao who will be giving us her hints and tips on what type of social media content you should be sharing!

The Advice Corner | Yan's Plan For Social Media Content!

Yan has been working at The Women’s Organisation since 2004 and says she is passionate about improving women’s economic position and being part of their journey exploring the opportunity of self-employment.

SO! Let’s here what Yan has to say on how to plan your social media content!

I have been delivering ‘Introduction to Facebook for Business’ workshop for almost a year and I was very often asked about ‘what to post on my fan page’ i.e. social media contents.

The best starting point is to follow your competitors’ business page and record their social media contents for few weeks and analyse the range of topics they cover.

I have collected some example of contents clients shared with us on the course I delivered and hopefully it will give you inspiration when you plan your social median contents.

Testimonial/comments from your clients –

conservatory business always asks clients for a quote/comment when they complete the work.

private tutor proudly shares a thank you card with some lovely comments from a parent.

Short video –

jam business took a short video of how she makes jams.

guest house owner in France took a short video of her garden view in winter when she saw a deer walked past.

Pictures/ photo albums –

mobile hairdresser created photo album for short hair style, long hairstyle and wedding hair styles.

restaurant business uploads before and after picture while they are decorating the place before they open to the public.

Competition –

softplay centre business opened a competition of their business name to win free entry tickets.

Interesting events they are attending –

wedding stationary business checked in a local wedding fair.

car dealer checked in a Land Rover conference in Barcelona.

Useful tips –

CV writer business writes about top tips of how to write CVs.

fitness instructor shared her useful tips on how to lose weight for bride to be.

Quotes –

yoga teacher likes to share an inspirational quote on every Monday.

Industry review –

A passionate chocolatier business loves to share interesting articles about chocolate and latest trend e.g. dark chocolate, bean to bar.

When you are ready to post please make sure you dedicate a couple of hours each week to plan your social media contents. ‘Schedule’ your weekly post at least a week ahead so you don’t have to think or worry about what to write every day but to use your time more efficiently.

Hootsuite is also brilliant tool to manage and schedule up to 3 social media for free. Check out this blog for further information on Hootsuite! 

When you have run your social media contents for few months, it always worth checking the ‘insights’ to see how the contents reach and perform. Google Analytics will also gather useful data so you can adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

If you ever runs out of ideas, YouTube is one of the great resource when it comes to social media contents as there are many free tutorials made by social media guru where they share their knowledge and experience on social media contents but do make sure you watch the ones have most viewers.

Do feel free to advertise your products and services as that’s why we are using it for.

However, you need to think about the fans following you as they will be bored if your pages are only about selling, instead please make the contents interesting and think how you can add value to what you offer.

So! That’s all from Yan on social media content!

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