According to a survey by Plan International UK, 42% of women felt that period-related issues have a negative impact on their ability to participate in daily activities, including work. Therefore, at 54 St James Street, we have decided to become a period positive workplace by offering free period products!

We took pleasure in making the decision to help combat period stigma and help support female wellbeing by teaming up with Hey Girls! to offer free period products to all tenants and visitors to 54 St. James Street. We now have an unlimited amount of free product boxes here; all you have to do is ask for Flo at reception and we will provide you with any requests you have.

Hey Girls! are the only social female led enterprise that donates 100% of their profits to help fund the fight in eradicating period poverty and promote period dignity across the UK. Each period box we put together includes:
• Tampons
• Sanitary pads
• Periods pants
• Menstrual cups
• Feminine wipes – kindly donated to us from Femme Fresh.
Get ready period guide – offering advice and guidance on how to use products provided as well as tips to help readers gain a more thorough understanding of monthly female body/hormonal changes.
Dads guide for periods – educational advice for men to understand periods, providing tips to help fathers open conversations about periods to their children.

As revealed in a survey by Thinx ,80% of respondents believe that providing free period products demonstrates that employers care about their well-being, leading to higher morale. By providing free period products, workplaces can boost productivity and encourage open dialogue for employees to feel more comfortable to discuss their needs.

54 team member emily holding free period product box

This idea was executed by our facilities administrator Emily who came up with the idea because she wanted to help all women.

“I just want to make it normal. I just want period products to be as normalised as toilet paper, I don’t want any women to have to struggle.”

For further information on how you can create a positive environment in your workplace keep up to date with our blog.

You can also visit and @femfresh for more information around periods and period health.


Interested in supporting Women’s Health in your workplace?

Women’s Workplace Wellness is a project based in our building that was set up in response to the first ever Women’s Health Strategy in 2022. The project creates and shares resources to help UK SMEs support women’s reproductive health in the workplace.

Visit the LinkedIn page here to access FREE, expert led resources on menstrual health, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause.