Why You Don’t Need a Virtual Office in London

A virtual address in London with a cross over it next to Liverpool

Are you ready to register your business, or take your established business up a notch? Then it’s time to register for a virtual office address in London, right? Wrong!  A virtual office gives you your very own, fixed business address that can be based anywhere. Once  registered as your official address it can be hard to change. 

Before signing up for a virtual office in London, here are a few other things you should consider.

Firstly, why would business owners want a virtual office? 


A virtual office can accept post,  protect your privacy, and depending on your package, probably much more! Read our blog on why you can benefit from a virtual office to find out more. 

Business owners typically get a virtual office address to add prestige and professionalism to a business, reach new audiences, take advantage of various package perks, and to avoid having their address publicly on companies house. 

Why do people choose a virtual address in London? 

Naturally, when you decide you want a virtual office, the glitz and glamor of a London address might sway you to only look for packages there. We say, unless it meets your specific business needs then take a pause. 

Unless you need to physically pick up your post, your address really can be anywhere. There are so many more opinions to choose from that might be better for your business, and better value for money. 

How to choose a location for your virtual office

Pick an address that compliments your business. Are you a creative business? You might want to choose an address that reflects this. If you are looking for something more corporate consider an address in a business district.

Look at the individual benefits of each package. Do they offer other business functions like voicemail or call forwarding (your very own reception team!) or post scanning (automatically digitized documents – woohoo) What would make life easier for you?

Price them up. You may wish to find the best deal available and stick with it!

Pick a host that aligns with your values. If social value, or green values are high on your agenda, make sure you pick an address that adheres to these values.

Alternatives to a Virtual Office in London 

So, now you’re not set on a virtual office address in London, there may be an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. Here are some great alternatives that aren’t in London.

Liverpool. This city is a great option for a northern base and offers a plethora of attractive addresses to creative and musically focused businesses. We are based in Liverpool’s creative quarter, the Baltic Triangle. Our Virtual tenants love it. Look us up! 

Edinburgh. If you want a Scottish or northern base, Edinburgh could be perfect. It’s a cultural hub with a rich history for a trustworthy and traditional business, yet is also a centre of investment and banking. What more could you want!

Birmingham. Ideally situated  to reach your customers up and down the country, this vibrant, culturally diverse city has a well-known industrial history making it a great option for many businesses. 

Bristol. For a southern base look no further. Bristol is a publishing, media and creative haven, plus it has an ever growing tech scene that will appeal to many businesses. 

Reading. A great London alternative, Reading is in close proximity to the capital and has seen a rise in physical office costs in recent years, making it a great choice for a virtual office instead. 

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